Best Camera For Photography   

Best Camera For Photography   

The Panasonic FZ300 develops the FZ200 in various ways while expanding upon the equivalent dependable 12.1-megapixel sensor and 24-600mm comparable f/2.8 focal point. The overhauled body, further developed EVF, and better shifting presentation truly assist the FZ300 with taking care of well out in the field. With great imaging execution for its group, this 4K-proficient camera is capable of being a flexible media camera and ends up being an extraordinary entertainer and a surprisingly better worth. The Panasonic FZ300 is a best camera for photography.

Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 Long Zoom Advanced Camera

While the Panasonic FZ300 shares a significant number of the equivalent internals as the FZ200, the outside is tremendously unique and we viewed it as significantly better. A few controls have been added and the body has become more tough, as it presently sports residue and sprinkle sealing, as well as being marginally bigger than its FZ200 ancestor. Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 is Best Camera For Photography.   

Both the electronic viewfinder and back LCD shows have been updated too. The electronic viewfinder is higher-goal and has more amplification, and the articulating 3.0-inch touchscreen LCD screen is both more honed and more splendid. During our experience with the Panasonic FZ300, the better EVF functioned admirably and gave a fresh, clear picture.

We found that the camera body, while a piece cumbersome for a camera with a 1/2.3-inch sensor, felt better in the hands and furnished us with a great deal of control and solace in the field.

The inherent focal point ended up being strong and adaptable, offering a consistent f/2.8 max gap from 25 to 600mm identical central lengths. While utilizing the focal point completely open, corner sharpness endured, especially at the fax end of the focal point. At the wide point end of the focal point, the execution was very great across the whole casing. Taking into account its liberal zoom proportion and steady f/2.8 gap, the Panasonic FZ300’s underlying focal point is absolutely one of the camera’s most noteworthy elements.

Panasonic FZ300 offers strong outcomes in spite of more modest sensor

The 1/2.3-inch sensor size might be little, yet it lets the Lumix FZ300 catch pleasant pictures generally speaking while at the same time remaining sensibly conservative. Its treatment of variety is really ordinary no matter how you look at it, aside from yellow, which are not delivered well. Yellows seem undersaturated and will quite often incline a piece toward green.

Its 12.1-megapixel goal catches sensibly sharp pictures, albeit the camera tends to over hone pictures marginally which makes a few relics. Solid in-camera default sound decrease likewise denies pictures of extremely fine subtleties, even at base ISO. While catching Crude documents, you can extricate much additional detail from pictures, however you likewise have a ton of commotion to manage. This camera is Best Camera For Photography.  

High ISO execution stays up with its companions, outperforms FZ200

ow-light execution isn’t a strength nor soft spot for the Panasonic FZ300; it performs about normal for its group at high ISOs. Nonetheless, even at its base ISO of 100 the FZ300 applies weighty default sound decrease to JPEG documents. As you can envision, sound decrease keeps on expanding as you increment ISO. When the FZ300 arrives at ISO 1600, pictures show up exceptionally delicate and tones become conflicting and unpleasant. The Panasonic FZ300 really does anyway give you change sound decrease access +/ – 5 stages, which is greater adaptability that numerous cameras in this class give. The Panasonic FZ300 is a best camera for photography.

The 12.1-megapixel Panasonic FZ300 delivers great prints up to 16 x 20 inches while taking shots at base ISO (you could securely print 20 x 30 inches if the print won’t be seen very close). Expanding ISO from 100 to 200 prompts a slight decline to 13 x 19 creeps in what we would consider a “great” print. At ISO 1600, the little sensor size of the FZ300 turns out to be entirely observable, with a decent print bigger than 5 x 7 inches presently not conceivable. While its high ISO execution probably won’t sound great, the FZ300 performs observably better compared to its ancestor at higher ISOs notwithstanding utilizing a similar sensor and focal point thanks to its refreshed processor and charges well, in general, considering its sensor size.

Panasonic FZ300 is a fast camera with great AF execution

Taking into account its high-zoom capacities, the FZ300’s presentation is for the most part generally excellent. For its group, the Panasonic FZ300 is an extremely quick camera generally speaking. Fit for catching pictures at simply over 12fps with locked self-adjust, the Lumix FZ300 has generally excellent burst shooting speeds. While recording Crude or RAW+JPEG documents, cradle profundity drops from 100 to 25 and 16 casings separately, however its edge rate remained above 12fps.

While the FZ300’s fast shooting speeds are great, while utilizing consistent self-adjust the edge rate drops down to an observably more slow, yet good 6fps. Sadly, the Panasonic FZ300’s nonstop self-adjust and subject following execution are not perfect, yet that is valid for most cameras in this class.

So, we viewed self-adjust execution by and large as great for a camera in this class. A weak spot for its ancestor was slow self-adjusting speeds at the fax end of the focal point, which we’re glad to see has been amended with the FZ300. There is a slight decline in AF speed as you increment the central length, yet it isn’t emotional.

We revealed a flimsy spot for Panasonic’s complex (and quick) DFD self-adjust, specifically shimmering objects. It ought not be too difficult to even think about keeping away from, as long as you realize that things like brilliant lights reflected in adornments can be tricky.

4K flourish: Both 4K video and 4K Photograph modes dazzle

Panasonic is extremely enthusiastic about 4K video and “4K Photograph” includes nowadays, and the FZ300 is no exemption. With a pack of video modes and 4K Photograph includes, the Panasonic FZ300 is a mixed media camera. We viewed video execution as great and the rundown of elements and modes to be long. The expansion of 4K video makes it a major move forward from the FZ200 in the video division.

After a firmware update in February 2016, the Lumix FZ300 has significantly more 4K Photograph highlights than it did at send-off the. It is presently conceivable to utilize Panasonic’s Post-Center element, which permits you to catch the 4K-goal video at 30fps while moving the plane of concentration all through the clasp. You can then extricate 4K-sized (8.3-megapixel) pictures with your favored center point sometime later.

Panasonic FZ300 is a significant update over its ancestor

The FZ200 procured a “Dave’s Pick” back in 2013 for its great zooming, major areas of strength for capacities, and great worth. The Panasonic FZ300 goes on in its strides, embracing another body plan and development and many new elements while depending on the reliable sensor and focal point blend. Taking into account its significant rundown of enhancements and new elements, including 4K video and 4K Photograph highlights, we viewed the Panasonic FZ300 as a solid camera in the high-zoom camera market and an unequivocal Dave’s Pick.


  • Weatherproof
  • AF is fast and accurate in low light
  • Superb build and handling


  • Can’t use the screen to set the AF point while you look in the viewfinder
  • No joystick

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